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Priboi Story Overhaul 2020

Release: 8th of November 2020

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NB: Shaders folder has been removed from this version, it caused some CTD's in my testing/playthrough. Available as seperate download:

Shaders for PSO2020


Cumulative Update to PSO2020 released

30th of August 2020:

Download Update

NB: Above update only needs to be applied if you have the below CTD in Garbage

New game is required if you apply this update

! error in stalker with visual actors\novice\green_stalker_6
stack trace:
0023:00466228 XR_3DA.exe, CKinematicsAnimated::PlayCycle()


Mini update:

This is only for players that do NOT experience the above CTD.

Contains a small edit to a couple of weapons.

New game is not required.

Mini Update 08112020



(For the lazy, or the unlucky that spend days searching in vain :) )

Legacy version, for those who prefer the old version :)

Priboi Story Overhaul Version 3.2.5:


Other mods & Tools

Heal Enemy Mini-Mod:



XrSpawner V0.13